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Overhead Shower (ABS)


Ark Rubinetterie, introduces its new Cirrus range of Showers. 
Ark Rubinetterie is an effort by Ark to bring forth the latest in Water deliverance implements in Europe and the West to its Indian consumers.
Cirrus Luminous showers have Chromotherapy and LED light models but come at a fraction of the cost of other such models available in the Indian market. The European technology makes them much superior to similar Chinese imports.
Available in Qube and Round forms, Cirrus Luminous Showers by Ark deliver a gentle widespread drizzle to energize and refresh the bather in its abundance. The Chromotherapy models help the bather to accentuate his moods and emotions and bring in a degree of aura reinforcement or cleansing. The LED light models help create a harmonious vivid bathing experience.
Cirrus Luminous Showers come in two technologies – the first type has the traditional transformer technology for its illumination and the second presentation uses a revolutionary turbine to function as an in-house generator of luminosity.
Ark Rubinetterie also introduces the ground  breaking Airdrop models. Airdrop technology has an enhanced air-water mixing in its body system that produces softer, more refreshing showers. Moreover they come in double functional sprays , Gentle Rain and a Revitalising Booster.
All Cirrus Showers are Water saving and feature easy to clean technology with flexible European rubberised sheathed apertures that are cleaned automatically by through auto massage by escaping droplets. Else a gentle massaging rub through one’s fingers is enough to persuade these super flexible sheaths to part with the saline deposits.
Cirrus Showers by Ark Rubinetterie – For a Luminous refreshing Bath.

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