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About us



In the aftermath of the country gaining independence in 1947, the nation also started embracing modernity with all its hues and attributes. One major change occurring in the New born nation was a move towards modern and independent housing. Old, orthodox India practised largely community or open bathing and open toiletry.  Contemporary India began to opt for underground sewerage instead of open and plumbing in households became more networked and robust, catering to the myriad needs of water, that now included bathing.

Helping in usher this revolution towards modern plumbing and water deliverance, was Sh RK Khanna, a BTech graduate from the first batch of IIT Kharagpur. Having performed brilliantly in academics, he learned the ropes of the sanitary fittings trade in factories across Germany. Returning back to India, he pioneered Chrome plated fittings in the country, being the first to introduce more than 50 different models for various needs in and around the house. Among other things, he introduced for the first time in India, basin and bidet fittings with pop up through his Ark brand.

A man of principles, Sh RK Khanna believed in the power of his products' performance and in forming ethical and long lasting business relations with his retailers and end customers. Because of his non compromising attitude towards the quality of his products, the customers used to pre-book Ark fittings through bank bilties/receipts. It is indeed a proud moment for the brand, when we meet customers who have been using Ark since 1965 and tell us with fondness about "how the plating is as glossy as ever and how the spindles still work with just a touch of rubber wear and tear maintenance".   



Ark in its modern avatar, now is a One shop window, housing implements, that cater to the myriad needs of water, when used as a substance for cleansing and washing. Ark always had been the most trusted brand in its category, renowned for its quality and trouble free performance. In the first decade of the new millennium, Ark has now reinvented itself as a leading brand ushering in innovation and modern features in its sanitary faucets, showers and accessories.

CRYSTAL now a no. of collaborations with leading manufacturers in Europe that have enabled us to address the evolving needs and aspirations of the contemporary Indian bath and wash room users.

Through our collaboration with Bossini, CRYSTAL was the first to introduce Dream and LED showers in India, which now come in with audio and aroma support as well.

We offer the biggest range of solutions among all contemporary brands in water saving apparatus. Through Hygieia and Xenios we offer water saving in the form of a variety of auto closing faucets, some using Spring mechanisms, others using solenoid valve based sensors while the new digital range encompasses timer based features as well. Our association with Neoperl has given the Indian customer local, easily implementable solutions for restricting and streamlining water discharge. We were also the first nationwide sanitary fittings brand to popularise Pressure Boosting solutions and Processes for automatic filling of storage tanks.

Ark has a state of the art Design and Quality laboratory dedicated to extensive checks based on modern pneumatic as well as hydraulic methods that ensure zero Defect dispatches to its retailers and end customers. The approach and intent of CRYSTAL  management is lead by the dynamic Ms Gauri Singh is to provide the modern customer products that rival those available in Europe while keeping up to its old standards of Reliability and trouble free performance.

CRYSTAL  believes in empowering its employees and we have established rigorous training programmes to our team members especially those in the field so as to have an attitude of empathy and service w.r.t the needs of our customers. Ms Arti Khanna Ghai directs training and service operations that focuses on building long lasting relationships with all our customers.

The drive to make Ark brand more contemporary has been lead by our CEO Sh Amit Khanna, who has also spearheaded programmes for modernisation of Production and Inspection. Ark is now becoming increasingly popular with the elite and metropolis customers as we have offered them a slew of time saving mechanisms that help them manage their washing and cleansing needs around their work times. At the same time we have also introduced a no. of features to make the bath and wash more comfortable and delightful. This drive towards modernity is being manifested by Sh Akash Ghai and Sh SS Shandilaya.

The top management of CRYSTAL  is fortunate to have a strong middle Management team and Zonal marketing Heads who are all leaders in their own right and have been successfully executing plans of product development and market penetration and expansion whilst strengthening old bonds and existing business relationships. The legacy of our founder Sh RK Khanna successfully carries on as Ark traces its own unique path, remaining dedicated to providing ever improving and innovative solutions for the bath and cleaning needs of the modern Indian customer.




Crystal Sanitary Fittings is in its 16th year of ISO QMS compliance. QMS compliance was originally against the ISO9001:1994 standard which later changed to ISO9001:2008. As of May 2017, we have been certified QMS compliant as per ISO9001:2015, the latest version of the Quality standard. Our ISO compliance has been established and validated by Det Norske Veritas, DNV, the Norwegian company, which is one of the leading lights in International ISO certification.


Being ISO compliant on QMS means that Crystal follows internationally approved  procedures to run and improve its departments and their processes. This further means that despite being a family owned business, business processes and market and customer relationships are well and truly professionally executed. It also means that the management of Crystal monitors all its processes continuously especially those related to Product realisation, Monitoring and measurement (Quality) and Customer Care (marketing and service).

As a consequence, Crystal can proudly say that Customer Satisfaction, Employer Empowerment and Continual Improvement are the 3 mantras on which Crystal is charting its future on. We are the only sanitary fittings manufacturer in India, which is ISO 9001:2015 compliant and also has IS 8931 compliance for its Onyx range, a dual certification that uniquely identifies our Products and Management systems meeting the highest standards, internationally.




Crystal has Zonal managers looking after the sales in each region of the country. The Zonal managers have area sales managers for every important territory in the region and sales representatives as well as project representatives who report to them. The Zonal Managers report the Top management. The sales staff is supported by several locally placed service technicians and plumbers who are constantly on toes addressing customer queries, and advising dealers, customers and sales staff on the latest offerings from Crystal's stables, their fitment procedure, functions, benefits and their ideal places of installation.


The brass fittings of Crystal have a copper component that is about 60% of the Alloy mix, the remaining mix being Zinc that is about 38.5%, and Lead, Aluminum etc that are less than 1.5%. As a general rule, for Casting, we follow IS 1264:1997 of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Only those pieces of casted brass is processed further that are free from any surface impurities. Standardized dies, taps, tools and mandrills are used in machining to ensure that all products manufactured are true to specifications. There is a team of inspectors, continuously engaged in testing these products vis-√ -vis specifications. Inspection of Fittings is a two-tier process in Crystal. Fittings are first tested, as per IS 2500:2000 on AQL 0.25 using random sampling and subsequently online for leakages, handle movements and surface finishes.

Crystal ensures a plated finish thickness of 0.3-0.7 microns of chrome and 10-14 microns of nickel. The ARK chrome plating has a reputation of consistency and endurance acquired through scores of satisfied customers over the years.


ARK has a multi stage inspection programme for its fittings. Every part of the fittings supplied to the dealer would have undergone rigorous scrutiny after the processes of casting, machining, finishing and assembly. Finished products are additionally checked for the strength of coat and resistance to impact and chemical reaction. For assembled products a two tier system of inspection is used, first a ISI based method of inspection of all dimensions and features before depatch to the warehouse, and then 100% inspection of all fittings at the warehouse


ARK products use some of the best packing methods available. Each range is distinguished by its own unqiue colour and all conventional products have the protection of high grade polythene bags and a four or five ply corrugated box. Single Levers come with additional protection in the form of high density thermocol packing. Each of the over three hundred products offered by ARK come in their own patent box.           


ARK understands the importance of service and maintenance as far as the sanitary fittings inductry is concerned. Because conditions of low pressure, impurities in water supply and water hammer, water pilferage, etc the end consumer, in India, is likely to face problems of inconsistent water supply. It is no hidden fact that in India, only the simplest fittings work perfectly, the more complicated the designs of the internal system, the more problems occur due to choking and water scaling etc. That is why ARK has designed fittings that suit these Indian condtions, fittings that avoid choking and scaling and yet are every bit modern and stylish in design. For solving the consumer's problems with water supply, ARK stocks its dealers with all kinds of spare parts and has a ready team of service technicians who are available at short notices for problem solving and consultation. In an effort to reduce the time lag between requests for service and availability of service personnel, ARK has increased the presence of company trained but locally available service personnel at all critical areas (areas of higher consumer density and in areas that have very dismal quality of water supply).


ARK encourages its dealers to follow correct and formal procedures of accounting, logistics, material delivery and payments. Material is delivered through means of release of documents through payments made at banks. Almost all transportation companies that operate through North India, have had very cordial relations with ARK, and material is delivered safely and promptly to almost all corners of the country.


ARK  has  always believed in offering its valuable consumers, trouble free performance from its products year after year. Although the performance of sanitary fittings products is dependent, to quite an extent, on the conditions of water supply and the quality of plumbing, ARK consumers benefit by getting prompt and efficient service from trained company professionals. ARK products are backed by an experienced and dedicated team of technical experts who routinely conduct analysis on the more than 300 existing designs, that are in ARK's portfolio, in a bid to make them appropriate for modern usage. The technical team also carry out all kinds of research on  new concepts and designs before offering them for usage to our esteemed customers.



The ARK brand of faucets launched three decades back, pioneered organized manufacturing of sanitary fittings in Northern India. Over this period of thirty years ARK has established itself quite prominently as a major player  in the sanitary fittings Industry, and enjoys patronage from dealers and end consumers, all over the country. One of the other major distinguishing features that separates ARK from others of its ilk in this industry is the manner of its operations. ARK products are backed by sound, systems based functioning.  Products are delivered to dealers via the route of  bank through documents, products are serviced at the consumer's end by an efficient team of Service Technicians, support to dealers is provided by a dedicated team of Sales Personnel, and through all other means of modern promotional method like TV advertisments, promotional hoardings, glow signs, publication insertions and by means of participation in exhibitions and new products are designed by taking due consideration of customer feedback, trends in the market and feasibility as per given water supply conditions.



ARK sanitary fittings have bathroom solutions for all kinds of customers and budgets. The basic entry product ranges called the 'PRUEDENCE' have conventional chrome finish products that are very popular for apartments and other similar institutional projects. Supreme, the most popular range to come from the stable of ARK, is a hit with those consumers who prefer reliability and simplicity in design. In the history of sanitary fittings in India, Supreme must count as one of the forerunners in terms of both sales and performance. ARK believes Bathrooms just like other rooms of their house are a reflection of the personality of the householder. These ARK PREMIUM ranges combine reliability and performance with the properties of convenience in operation, pleasing designs and a large variety of options to choose from. AVANT GARDE are contemporary Single Lever ranges.


ARK products strive to bring a blend of the latest designs to strike a note in European and American markets with what works in the realities of Indian plumbing systems. What comes out of ARK stables are therefore workable performance oriented solutions for the end consumers, moulded to the latest trends, encompassing the latest technologies and having the latest of finishes.    

ARK products use state of the art Spindle Assemblies in their products. ARK is perhaps the only brand in India which gives its user the luxury of half turn fittings as well as full turn fittings. The spindle used for its Quarter turn fittings is unique and has the ability to withstand problems of scaling generally encountered for such spindles in the country. ARK uses European ceramic cartridges for its Single Levers, that reisists wear and tear even under rough usage. ARK offers multiple choice of handles for its conventional range of fittings( The Supreme range is available in choices of three handles, namely the          Tumbler handle, the Standard handle, Aster & Basil). The ARK stable of products also include concepts like hospital fittings that feature elbow action taps, flush valves and flush cocks, two way fittings, bidets, hose connection fittings, bottle traps, etc. ARK offers most of its Basin mixers with options of pop up combinations. And to give its end consumers the luxury of maintaining a sense of decor, most of ARK's faucets come with a matching set of  bathroom accessories. In keeping with the trend of offering unique solutions to 



The brass fittings of Crystal have a copper component that is about 60% of the Alloy mix, the remaining mix being Zinc that is about 38.5%, and Lead, Aluminum etc that are less than 1.5%. As a general rule, for Casting, we follow IS 1264:1997 of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Only  those pieces of casted brass is processed further that are free from any surface impurities. Standardized dies, taps, tools and mandrills are used in machining to ensure that all products manufactured are true to specifications. There is a team of inspectors, continuously engaged in testing these products vis-√ -vis specifications. Inspection of Fittings is a two-tier process in Crystal. Fittings are first tested, as per IS 2500:2000 on AQL 0.25 using random sampling and subsequently online for leakages, handle movements and surface finishes.

Crystal ensures a plated finish thickness of 0.3-0.7 microns of chrome and 10-14 microns of nickel. The ARK chrome plating has a reputation of consistency and endurance acquired through scores of satisfied customers over the years. ARK is consciously implementing similar rigid standards for its premium fittings and finishes. All coloured finishes undergo a protective lacquer coating that ensures longevity in life. Gold plating is done through a special double coating process that ensures no oxidation by water even after years of usage.

ARK uses rubber, plastic and silicon, components that bear the maximum stress in most sanitary fittings, of the very highest in quality. Rubber parts have elongation strengths of more than 350% while the tensile strength is more than 150kgF/sq.cm.

ARK fittings are tested for smoothness of operation, alignment among various parts, size, weight as well as flow and leakage in addition to the points mentioned above Pressure test is done at various stages of manufacturing ranging from 300 PSI to 75 PSI.

ARK uses polybags of 400-600 gauge, corrugated boxes of 3-5 ply having bursting strength over 9 and lamination on boxes in its packing. Heavier and premium fittings are packed in socks, bubble polybags and Thermocol boxes. Empty spaces in boxes are being filled by air inflated polybags to avoid damages in transit.Outer cases have now been converted  to superior corrugation with a waterproof covering.

A Hi-Tech lab has been setup to conduct from all lots of manufacturing, thickness of Nickel & Chrome, Adhesion of Surface coating, Heat test for Surface adhesion, Bursting strength test for corrugated boxes, chemical composition tests for Brass, torque test for casting thickness, water & oil tests for rubber, High pressure testing or all concealed fittings, Flow tests for Exposed fittings.

All ARK products bear a Warranty of 7 years against manufacturing defect & electronic products for 1 year. The service wing works diligently to provide customer satisfaction with the minimum possible time lag.The centralized customer care can be contacted from any part of India.


Crystal has always shared a very warm and cordial relationship with its dealers. The most important feature in this relationship has been the concept of an extended family that the company has espoused to share with them. It is a known fact in the Indian sanitary fittings Industry that the dealers of Crystal earn the highest margins in this product category. The ARK dealers are our torch bearers and the main access point of our product ‚€" the company‚€ôs circulatory nerves & veins.

This has been possible because Crystal has always pursued policies that seek to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the dealers. Instead of indulging in anti-customer activities like Image building Crystal has always put the dealer at the top rung in most of its marketing related efforts along with the customer. This has lead to division of benefits across all parties associated with Crystal‚€ô brands.

The company plan to stick to this strategy in the future too, by providing the customer innovative and high quality products, and by rewarding the dealers as well as the intermediaries for the key roles played by them in bringing the brand close to the customer.


Crystal is located in Chandigarh, the picturesque city that is the capital of Punjab and Haryana, besides being a Union Territory on its own. It is a city that is famously labelled as the City Beautiful. Unlike other major cities in India, Chandigarh is a modern city which came into existence only in the 1950s. Also quite unlike other cities, Chandigarh prides itself in being a planned city, with over 50 sector divisions, each of these units having its own markets in the middle of urban residences.

Crystal's warehouse and storage facilities are located in Panchkula, in Haryana, a satellite town to Chandigarh, while the manufacturing facilities are spread around the three towns of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Barotiwala in Himachal Pradesh.
We at Ark perceive ourselves to be co-workers with Water, collaborating with this eternal element bringing back the promise of abundance to the Indian User. 
We strive to provide to our customers, faucets that deliver water, in forms that delight our users, through convenience and performance. All this while we remain conscious of our duty, as corporate citizens of the planet, conserving the same abundance of the aforesaid element, for generations of the future, by building in reliability and time tested persevering and unyielding Quality in our implements. 
That with this Aqueous Alliance, we have somewhere and in some sense, won a niche place in our customers' hearts through our over half a century of passion, bears testimony to our mission.
For us it is a labour of love to provide faucets, showers, flushing systems, bathing equipment and accessories of the highest quality for the Indian customer.
At Ark Rubinetterie, our collaborative venture with European partners, we promise you a feeling of magical awe, when water coursing through the finely machined cavities of our faucets and showers, wets you in a tranquil delight. It is our endeavour here, to provide our Indian customers a slew of top of the class ranges of faucets and showers, that combine European style and grandeur, yet maintain a tough Indian core, a confluence of the two worlds manifesting inimitable sanitary fittings, showers, and bath essentials, needed to thrive in Indian conditions of varying water pressure and salinity. 
Ark - experience the freshness of nature in every drop... 
Ark Rubinetterie - experience European Grandeur at Indian prices...